1x26: We Do Get To Make It Up

There were also talks about using a kind of liquid reacting to electric impulses so that it could simulate a zoom-in / zoom-out, and the first lab tests were pretty good… but no more news from that.

Yes I’ve noticed this as well, it was a bit weird from time to time, and yes it sounds like it was some kind of time delay when mixing all the audio sources.

My comment about this was going to phrased slightly differently…

Best episode yet! …because all of you were passionately engaged in all the main topics. But that also lead to a lot of talking over each other, more because all four of you wanted to contribute so much rather than delays. I don’t think you weren’t able to hear each other, you just weren’t listening to each other :wink:

As I understand it, you use a Google Hangout for the conversation part (i.e. not recording) so maybe you can wave a flag when you’re about to butt in.

I’ll leave it to the rest of the community to decide which pie Aq should have on his flag.

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I was wondering when a camera/phone would be coming along. Panasonic is releasing one in the USA. http://www.androidauthority.com/panasonic-lumix-cm1-578466/

It looks decent with a 1", 20MP sensor and a f2.8 lens. Will set you back $1000. Plus it’s an Android phone.

Will @bryanlunduke or one of the other presenters get one for a review?

Email has been sent to see if we can get one to review. I’d like to check it out as well.

Old one I know, but it looks as though the nhs (the old banger) has had a fork put in it this month o.O

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