Who will be at Live Voltage?

I will.

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I will :slight_smile:

Thought about it.

Well, I was kinda hoping you guys would be there. :slight_smile: I am wondering about everybody else.

Spoiler alert. I will be there too.

Oh, really. Dang. I’m out.

Too busy at BryanCon, eh?


Oh I will…now that I think about it. It was at Scale x12 that I first heard of bad voltage; I thought Jono was going into the power supply business.


If you go by this thread there will only be about four people in the audience, and two of them work for the hotel. Which is fine with me because I want some of that System76 stuff. By the way, I have a sound app on my phone so I will play an applause or laughter clip from time to time. No need for anybody else to show up. Just go ahead and write my name on the System76 gear.

Hah! I am not too worried about people showing up. :slight_smile:


You should reserve the first row for community members HAHA.

Wish I could be there. You guys have a good time. I look foreward to listening after the fact.

I was right. Nobody showed up. If you hear applause and wild screaming on the podcast, it was edited in later.

Actually, I had a great time. The crowd was crazy! And Jono can show off his silky smooth arms. Thanks guys. Can’t wait for the next Live Voltage!

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