What device do you use to listen to Badvoltage?


I use a Sony Z3 Compact with Pocket Casts. If I’m working I’ll connect the phone via. Bluetooth to my docked Fedora laptop for the audio (easiest Linux bluetooth setup I’ve ever done too!). If I’m flying I have a Bose QC25 headset to listen on. At hotels I have a Chromecast to listen though the hotel’s TV.

I don’t really drive very often any more but I can bluetooth to the car if I need to.


My Moto X died, so it’s a Moto G now too! Also, the Pocket Casts webapp is a pretty nice addition.


I have a lovely native app for my Jolla (SailfishOS) phone


Really? Is there a link to such a thing?


I am also using the native Jolla app, it is indeed very lovely :slight_smile:


Yes there is, here is a screenshot from my phone

…and here is the GitHub


oh, @scharelc did it? Nice!


hey, nice to see some people are using it

EDIT: we have a a dedicated thread about the app: Bad Voltage app for Jolla, SailfishOS


I choose Podcast Addict also on my Samsung phone. I tried an open source player for a while but it didn’t stack up with what I needed. Used to use Gpodder on my old N900 and still have it on my Ubuntu desktop, though rarely used there. I also tend to listen to many shows at 1.2x or 1.3x original speed using its builtin player, especially if the talkers have slower accents (which it does without changing the pitch, though very very occasionally I might need to go back and relisten to a bit I didn’t quite catch all of).


Recently I have taken to using my old PS3 on YouTube. previously it was either on my laptop or Android table.


Podkicker pro on my moto x


BeyondPod on my Nexus 4


I had no idea that so many people prefers to listen to podcast on their phones.

Vocal podcast app on elementary OS.


I mostly listen to podcasts when commuting or taking the dog out, so phone is perfect for that.

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