What device do you use to listen to Badvoltage?


VLC for Android on my Nexus 5


gpodder to grab them on the desktop. played back by vlc.

or if I’m going away, synced to one of those legacy devices called an MP3 player (although since it’s iAudio, I usually prefer .ogg where available, just because).


I have yet to listen to an episode :stuck_out_tongue:


You figured out that direct neural connection then? :smile:


Overcast on the iPhone 6+. Downloads auto-magically in the background.





it was 6 characters.


I use pocketcasts on either iPhone ot Nexus 7… The only good desktop Linux client I have seen is Vocal, but doesn’t work great outside of elementaryOS… so I stick to the phone mainly.


At home, on my Arch-powered Raspberry Pi 2 running kodi with an itunes plug-in.

I’ve got PocketCasts on my cyanogenmod phone for in-car listening.


I was seeing a Raspberry Pi with a touch screen. Could that be pocket sized? Battery powered? Is there something that can play audiobooks, with bookmarks, on the Pi?


I’ve mostly been listening at my computer via either Chrome or Firefox. Any suggestion on good Android apps for podcasts? Have a fair bit of travel coming up over the summer and fall, so a decent mobile setup would be a good idea.


I like player.fm a lot for podcasts, and the android app is good.


Andrew D Kirch listens to it in the car …

Wait, I hope that’s not an Audi ? #badvoltage


Most of the time I listen on my Nexus 4 using Antennapod


Beyond Pod on Android, great app.

Rhythmbox on Fedora 22 on the laptop


Podkicker app on my nexus 6


Nexus 4 in car.


Me too! But, taking advantage of Pocket Casts, syncing, also listening at the office on my ASUS Transformert TF701T.


Been using PlayerFM on Android after a recommendation by sil. Mostly listen on my phone in the car or while traveling.


Me three! Except my Moto X is a Moto G.

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