What device do you use to listen to Badvoltage?


I’ve a rockbox myself on an 80GB ipod. and the Ubuntu font comes as standard.

QUESTION: What device or method do you use to listen to the BadVoltage podcast ?


Phone for podcasts I listen to a lot (or my desktop browser where I just see a link and it looks interesting.)


Usually Firefox or VLC on my laptop - sometimes VLC or Safari on my iPod, or Firefox or AntennaPod on my tablet.


I listen to talky podcasts like this one on my phone when I take a walk in the evenings. Music podcasts I will listen to on my desktop while working.


I usually listen in my car while commuting to work, so phone + car stereo over bluetooth.


I use overcast on my iphone.


Beyondpod on my phone


Car Cast on my phone.


I use a Sansa Clip+. It’s great in that it is quite small, I am able to fasten it to a pocket on my work apron, and it does bookmarks very good so I can jump from one book or podcast to another. I am sure an app on a phone might do a better job, but you can’t beat the size of this thing for compactness.


Included Podcast app on iPhone6.


I just use my phone’s web browser (Chrome) and leave it on loudspeaker when I get home from work.


PocketCasts app on iOS mostly.


Gpodder, to the desktop with audacious for audio, mpv for videocasts. My PC speakers are old school but extreamly high end for 2.1


I love gPodder, the only thing is - you can’t save the [podcasts][1] to where you want to, if I 'member rightly.

Kudos for the speakers - a pic’d be nice, there.
[1]: https://www.bountysource.com/issues/3096085-let-the-user-change-the-download-directory


Pocket Casts on a (first gen) Moto X!


Podcast Addict on a Nexus 5


I still listen on my Nokia N900, primarily because it has an FM transmitter, so I can listen in the car.

I use Panucci, which is a (finger-friendly) audiobook app, but I download to my desktop using gpodder, and sync to the N900.



iPod Nano that my wife bought me … have to say that it works brilliantly with iTunes (sorry!) as have a MBP for work. Used to use gReader on my android phone before that.


OnePlus One and Doggcatcher… Before that, a Galaxy S4 and Doggcatcher…


Kaptain “Stuck in a rut” Zero

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