Ubuntu phone apps


I have the ubuntu phone and like it. I need instagram to have a camera in it as yet it does not.

Hope some body could help


Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen. Instagram does not allow apps made by other people to add photos to Instagram itself; only their own official apps. And they have not done an official Instagram app for Ubuntu phone.


(I’m told that there are some developers who have reverse-engineered the Instagram API and are therefore able to make unofficial third-party apps; it would therefore be possible to build an Ubuntu app to do it, but nobody’s done so. Of course, such an app would be at risk of shutdown by Instagram themselves.)


I do hope it comes with next ubuntu phone update…as i use instagram


I NEED instagram,if apple can…android can …windows can…and Ubuntu can’t
This seems totally wrong and makes the ubuntu smartphone a bit of bad news
John greenwood


I agree. However, see above; Ubuntu can’t make it happen, only Instagram can. You might want to send them an email asking them to support Ubuntu …


If I could find a way to contact instagram this would be possible


Yeah, just make sure you include a ~ÂŁ50K cheque with the eMail .:smirk:


At least :slight_smile:

Back when I first tried using Ubuntu back in about 2008 I did find the wine project provided a very useful way for me to get comfatable using Ubuntu. I think the Open Source community needs a Wine for Android to run on other distros (+ and a “Google Play Services” clone as well).


You’re not the first person to suggest this. Chrome now contains ARC, a thing which allows running Android apps inside Chrome. The basic division here is: do we say “Android is popular, so let’s run its apps”, or “running apps from a different OS inhibits the takeup of our OS, so don’t run them”? And I can see both sides of that argument…


Yeah. That’s a tough call to make.

Though… if a platform came along that let you, in a nice way, run apps from Android, FirefoxOS and a few other mobile platforms… that would be cool all by itself.


I’m not a super expert in mobile Apps so take what I say with a pinch-of-salt, however (if I can do a shameless quote-mine):

I think people want want a thing that can run apps.
I think being able to run propriety apps for other platforms on your platform shows how awesome the current platform is, if it needs apps written for it specially then I think that ditracts from the awesomeness of the platform.

+1 but as someone that isn’t a super Linux Java/C++ dev, I can only imagine the chalenges and difficulties of implementing it.

Also the owners of other platforms won’t take too kindly to having their app ecosystems running on other OSs

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