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The past month or so I have been following the indieweb movement. I think it would be a great topic of discussion to throw around amongst the Bad Voltage hosts… just a suggestion.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Sorry if I am being a bit thick, but I read that page and I still don’t get what it is. Can you provide a dummies summary of it?

No problem… the basics… Your content should be your…today people belong to content silos(the going term) ie, facebook, twitter, G+, etc… Your data really belongs to them not you.

What indiewebcamp people do is use POSSE. Publish on your own site syndicate everywhere.

Basically they are creating api’s and frameworks to help people host all there own content on their own site first and syndicate it everywhere else afterwards. With replies and likes and such showing up on your site.

A good example is Known

Like I said before, it is an interesting movement that is gaining traction and goes along with privacy and security topics that are prevalent today.

Good idea!

Yes, POSSE is a great concept and should be pushed as much as possible. A lot of people publish great content, but they use platforms they don’t control, so the content can disappear from one day to another. Using POSSE makes the content you create yours, yet you can still benefit from popular online platforms to get feedback, etc.

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