Stackoverflow/Forum for people working in IT but who are not devs?

Hi everyone,

when you work as a developer, you have many resources online to help you in your daily task. One that comes up to mind quickly is Stackoverflow, where developers can ask very precise, technical questions and get very precise answers.

There are also the ol’good forums where people can discuss more loosely about some technical topics.

I would like to know if there are similar online tools for people like project managers, QA (Quality Assurance) engineers, etc. I mean places where people can ask questions and get feedback or ideas…

Thanks in advance!

I suspect much of what you are looking for will be different types of communities. I am sure there are loads of communities that cover project management, CI, QA etc. I am not familiar with any off the top of my head though.

Suggestions, folks?

LinkedIn can be quite good for that. For example, in Service Delivery and support, there is quite a strong ITIL community. I presume the same could be said for other disciplines.

If there isn’t a community that serves your needs, you could always build your own.

Now if only somebody had written a book telling you how to do that…

Interesting you mention that, because I looked up groups in LinkedIn yesterday and signed up for one (I’m waiting to be approved before being able to see what’s inside).

We’ll see!

Thanks for your tip!

Damn, I was sure I went on Stackexchange and looked it up before without being able to find anything.

Thanks for sharing this link! I was able to find this for QA:

Nothing for Project Management, though.

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