Social Networking -- Contact Details

Some of you know me, many don’t.

I have Facebook and twitter accounts as well as slack etc. As well as two business addresses.

I 'm interested in the rest of us.

What is your vision on social networks?
Not interested in contact details here just what you use: e-mail, twitter, slack, telegram, etc.

If you want me to know you: I suggest you send me a PM

I’m pretty much the old fuddy-duddy here. For me. it is mostly email, irc, and IM. I have a twitter account, but haven’t logged into it in 10 years. I closed my facebook in 2012.

I do have a discord account for a guy I follow on twitch.

I would IRC more if I would first take the time to set up things at my house and that’s not happening right now for reasons. However, the main group I’d IRC with has migrated to Telegram so there’s less impetus. Tried Discord and kind of hate the UI. Tried Slack but the one project I’m involved with on there is fairly inactive.

I also gave up on FB being any good several years ago but I’m considering opening a new account in order to have access to Messenger. My LinkedIn account mostly gathers dust but I get in to delete headhunter invites every couple of months.

Don’t email much, but it’s there. Of course for work I’m emailing all the time.

I used to ICQ and then I was very active on livejournal; That’s what I would consider purely motivated by socializing. I briefly maintained a instance but that was mostly just to prove that literally anyone can set up and maintain a federated instance (then our dollar took a dive and I had a host in the UK that made costs too much and I was constantly battling with redis anyhow). I reddit which I started to offer an opposing opinion to disinformation but kept doing it because I found it helps immensely with deescalation tactics at work. Of course, I maintain an online presence here, but I’ve never had a facebook (gah! but apparently photos of me have been added and tagged by others! grr :frowning: ) or twitter account. I’m going to pm you my email because you “are a good friend” :slight_smile:

I have Twitter, Facebook, FB Messenger, Mastodon, Telegram, Reddit, Signal, Facebook and e-mail.

Really only use Signal and e-mail though. I’m not very social and just signed up for most services so I could see some content or when I had to contact that one person that one time.

I have a phone book, but I end up remembering the numbers I need most. Last weekend I was able to do some social networking. The hugs were nice. :wink:


I can easily remember numbers from 20 years ago or more but I don’t even know my own home phone number I rarely call it and my phone remembers it.

The best type of social networking is always spending time with people you love.

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I have a Facebook which mainly has many people from my community on it, leaving facebook is not a done-thing.
Event invitations for parties etc are usually posted there.
I use WhatsApp for keeping in touch with housemates and close family
Email, Slack is more for professional coms.

Basically I use whatever social networking tech others around me use.
I’m open to other networking channels and it’s true that a face-to-face meeting is by far the best, use computer based messaging for planning meetups, rather than conducting the friendship
Also getting a bit weirded out by the direction facebook is going in

I have Twitter, but I mostly lurk there and only occasionally reply. Most of my posts come from other sources. Mastodon is more fun for me. It seems the raff largely haven’t noticed it yet.

I have Slack for work, and I’m on a couple of other servers for communities I’m involved with (including this one but I mostly use the Matrix bridge). I have a Discord account for a few communities because that’s where they are, same for Telegram. I run XMPP and Matrix servers and try to bridge to other stuff where I can.

I’m a big proponent of federated services. If I had my druthers I’d have one net identity (say my personal email address) and someone could contact me via that address over chat or email or whatever and it would get to me. Then I could reply to one address and it would get to the other person. I don’t want to have to think about what service the other party is using.

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