Sneak Peek at Bad Voltage Magazine

Hello everyone!

This evening I had a chance to do some work on the magazine have a sneak peek available. In other words, only the cover of the magazine :smiley: . So far, I have @joe who has been gracious enough to write an article and as you can see, I am working on one for magazine. There’s still a need for at least one more article in my mind so if anyone cares to write an article, do the following if you could:

  1. Do a git clone of
  2. Do a git checkout on the issue1vol1 branch of the repo
  3. Write said article (guidlines are in the repo under the article_text folder/sample_text.txt)
  4. Make a pull request
    Feel free to ping me on this forum for questions or concerns
    (Apologies to @jeremy for the next phrase)
    And now…sneak peak of Bad Voltage Magazine:

It’s looking awesome!

One minor tweak, my surname is Borg, I think it says Berg on there :smile:

Very cool @ehawk​61! Keep up the great work!

We will definitely pimp this in the next show (recording Wednesday, and out Thursday). :slight_smile:

Some queries:

  • Where did you get the ISBN from?
  • Sub editing?
  • Why a magazine in the traditional sense rather than some other form of collaborative publishing? (Maybe a Jekyll based site to maximise GitHub functionality)
  • Might it be worth finding out from the guys if the BV logo is usable, and which font was used to create it?

Oops… my bad I can fix that no issue, Thanks for pointing it out

To answer your queries:
I made up the ISBN from scribus barcode creator (not intending to really use the ISBN for anything)
I am not sure what you mean by Sub editing for certain but if that’s an offer to help with editing, then absolutely. I never turn down help when I can.
I haven’t given any thought to another form of collaborative publishing to be honest. I just ran with a magazine since the topic title was that got this all started was "Bad Voltage Magazine"
I haven’t thought to ask about using the BV logo and the font until you brought it up.
@jonobacon, if it is permissible to use the BV logo and font, who would have those assets? I will make sure to attribute their work in the magazine according to their licensing.

If it’s not a real ISBN (and in fact, an ISSN would probably be more appropriate), then get rid of it, it’s pointless :wink:

I mean taking the content and ensuring spelling, grammar, etc are proper, and also ensuring no-one is saying something potentially illegal (e.g. libelous).

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