Skipping a week

Apologies; we’re skipping the show this week, because Jono’s away drinking cocktails and having fun, so good luck to him :slight_smile: Back next time!

Unacceptable! I want my money back! :smiley:

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I’m going to give this a perfect 5/7 stars. I’m also expecting next week’s show to be 3 hours long with a detailed analysis why Jono’s drinking habit should override the community’s happiness and well-being.

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Is Jono drinking Pineapple cider? I remember that was being sold in a bar in Pasadena I went to after Bad Voltage Live with you guys last year lol

And the response of the sponsors? :smile:

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We’ll be eagerly awaiting the next episode while Jono sobers up :smile: Enjoy the summer break!

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