Show recording cancelled for August 25th

Our apologies, but owing to various confluences of travel, conferences, families, and so forth, we’re not going to be able to record a show this week. We’ll be back next time!

Ah, well, I’m almost caught up. Guess it’s npr the rest of the week at work!

This is a pity as I always look forward to the show. But no worries, life has a tendency to get in the way sometimes.

Thanks for letting us know. Any plans to put the next show out early ?

Well, that’s just PURPLE !

is it possible for future shows to essentially post a show with no audio so we can be notified in our podcast feeds that there is no show?

i spent all week refreshing my feed in disgust before i made the effort to come here…


hrm. Honestly, I’m not sure; there are some things which trigger off new releases and may blow up if a show post isn’t a “real” release. But maybe it’s OK. If we have to skip a show again, I’ll try to do this and see if it’s OK!

Could you do just a standard “no show this week, apologies!” audio file with a different episode marking?

That’s one’s definitely a big negatory; quite a bit of the underlying magic will get confused about an actual show audio without a show number, and I don’t want a show number on ten seconds of me saying there’s no show. A blog post on the RSS feed without a show in it will work, but I don’t think podcatchers will display it!

Email via the mailing list would work well enough for me :slight_smile:

The forum is our mailing list :slight_smile: In your forum preferences, you can set digests to arrive every 30 minutes, which is pretty much the same as a mailing list…!

Hmm you do have a point there, I appear to have been schooled. Cheers anyway!

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