Riddling: a game I wrote

Something you guys might be interested in: http://kryogenix.org/riddling. Little game I made for phones. Let me know what you think!

Your linking to the US App Store makes baby Stevus cry.

I think it Does The Right Thing when you follow the link on a phone, doesn’t it? Autodetecting which link to follow seems hard.

Riddling needs access to:

  1. Storage - modify or delete the contents of your SD card

  2. Phone calls - read phone status and identity

  3. Network communications - full Internet access

  4. Microphone - record audio

  5. Audio settings - change your audio settings

  6. System tools - test access to protected storage

  7. Network communication - view network connections

Why do you need 2), 5), 6) or 7)?

Fortunately, XPrivacy means I can try the app without giving them to you :slight_smile: But it’s a good thing to do what some apps do, and describe why you need permissions in the description.


Phonegap needs them. I do not quite understand why myself.

Again, Phonegap, but there’s something weird there; I need some sort of audio permission in order to be able to play sounds, but it asks for others as well and I don’t know how to make it more discriminating while still being built with Phonegap Build. I have a support request in to ask that precise question :slight_smile:

Trouble is, 2) is usually code for “this app is spying on you”.

I’ve gotten to the seventh level, it’s got me stumped :slight_smile:

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If you made it using PhoneGap why is it only iOS?

Sorry, my page didn’t load properly the first time so I didn’t see the other links. It doesn’t work for my phone. Maybe Android 2.6 is too old for your version of PhoneGap.

It should work on Android – it does on my Nexus 4 – but I did increase the supported level because otherwise Android 4 users get the three-button menu when they don’t need it. That should not stop it appearing for Android users unless they’re on less than Android 2.1, though. (Are you sure you’re on Android 2.6? I don’t think there was a 2.6. Maybe you’re on 1.6?)

Sorry. 2.3.6 is the version I’m on. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

hrm. That ought to work. Does Riddling just not show up in Google Play for you?

Both. If I look it up in a browser that knows about my device because I am signed in as my Google self, it says that it is not compatible with my device. I tried to look it up on the phone in Play using a search for ‘riddling’ and other riddle games showed up but not something called ‘Riddling’.

Weird. That shouldn’t happen. I’ll try and work out why. Thank you for the feedback!

Stuck on level 8… you’ve officialy ruined my life!

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Me too. I am absolutely stumped!

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