Project Morpheus: GDC 2014 Presentation

Without wishing to sound smug, I am going to sound smug. As I predicted in, VR is happening in 2014.

Here is the GDC presentation of Sony’s Project Morpheus:

Well worth a watch. :slight_smile:

They said that it’s not the finished version, and heard that it wont be out 2014, but… VR is a big thing this year, or at least this month xD

Don’t encourage him. :slight_smile:

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Buzzkill question.

Is there any scientifically credible evidence that these devices are safe to use?

I’m thinking specifically about the teenage and child market, where the evidence on conventional devices such as 3D TV is fuzzy, and seems possible to me that these kind of devices could well have as much if not more of an affect?

Can anyone say “boondoggle”? I can.


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