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I watched Primer a while ago but lacked a decent forum to share it in but I think it is something the Bad Voltage community would be generally interested in. I believe the director is a former programmer and he employs these types of devices in this movie. (I’m not sure about his other movies.) This movie is basically about time travel within restraints. Various ideas around time travel are explored but one of them that was very intriguing to me was that the main character makes his time machine collapsible so that the time machine can go back through the time machine and be reassembled on the other side which more or less models a recursive function. Has anyone else seen this (brilliant) movie or have suggestions of similar mind stretching stories employing concepts from software, particularly if they haven’t really breached the mainstream.

I believe it can be found on Netflix so it is relatively accessible.

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I’ve never seen that film, and this has nothing to do with software or technology but since we are talking about time travel, How about A girl who leapt threw time the core manics aren’t that strange, she’s just a high school girl who uncovers the ability to leap threw time, What could go wrong if you give a 17 year old this ability?

It’s a great film, sometimes she feels on top of the world, amazing, but she gets so desperate…
This movie isn’t about travelling far into the future or far into the past, this movie is about leaping to the resent past, to try and fix silly mistakes and having an awesome time, until bad things occur from that, its about life and relationships, it’s not about trying to make a fortune out of your ability, its pure beauty!

On the back of the box

What would you do if you could “leap” backward through time?
When tomboyish 17 year old Makoto Konno gains this ability after an accident in her high school chemistry lab, she immediately sets about improving her grades and preventing personal mishaps. Before long, however, she realizes that even innocuous changes can have terrible consequences. Changing the past is not as simple as it seems, and eventually Makoto will have to rely on her new powers to shape the future for herself and her friends

I’m not sure if a lot of you guys would enjoy it though, but I guess if you have the time it’s an amazing movie, next to the advert I found on youtube, there was the full movie several times, personally I don’t think the advert does the movie justice, I would have put a AMV instead but, Spoilers galore!

This looks cool, thanks for sharing. It being on Netflix means I will definitely check it out. :slight_smile:

Primer is nuts. And it takes no prisoners: you will need to concentrate hard to follow it. is a good guide to it (and explanation!)

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My favourite way to take on a movie is to go in with no foreknowledge, provided that I know it is recommended and worth watching. I recommend that approach for the first time you watch it. Just pay attention and hopefully you’ll get it but at least a second watch is well worth it.

Christ, if you think Primer is nuts, you should try Upstream Color, because holy crap that is the mindfuck of all mindfucks. Carruth keeps everything - and I mean everything - up for grabs right up until the last few minutes. It’s brilliant.

Some of the great mindfuck movies deserve a second watch; indeed, they virtually demand it. Primer, Upstream Color, Fight Club, The Game, The Usual Suspects, Memento, The Sixth Sense, The Prestige

Dude Where’s My Car?..

Dude, what does my tattoo say?

Pi is another one that is mathy and quite bonkers and I loved it although as I remember the ending sort of unravels a bit. I didn’t realise it till I looked on IMDB that it’s a film by Darren Aronofsky who has gone on to do other interesting projects as well.

I just watched Upstream Color a couple days ago… Maybe I’m not smart enough to pick up on the devastating cleverness of it. I liked it but I think I liked Primer more. That’s the problem when you expect too much from a movie. It’s better to go in blind.

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