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Hey guys, I’ve jumped all around various distros and desktops. And beyond Kontact on KDE, I cannot find a good solution for us avoiding giving Google everything. Any options for caldav and carddav are flakey or don’t exist at all…or you need to install ageing packages to get it to work. I currently use Mail-in-a-Box to run my mail, contacts and calendar. And I must say it is flawless with KDE. … I have never been a big KDE fan, but I am now using it for the functionality I wish every desktop environment could provide. Ubuntu-Mate was my goto.

In general I just don’t know how we don’t have more than one solid Desktop PIM solution.


[quote=“parzzix, post:1, topic:10535”]
[/quote] Could you find the issue on here[enter link description here][1], please [?] … and it’s something I shall bookmark, cheers.

Errata : I think I’ve just found a bug with discourse.
[1]: https://www.bountysource.com/teams/kde/issues

@TheGuyWhoLovesChill KDE is the desktop that’s PIM apps actually work for me. I don’t have a bug to report for them yet. It’s the GTK based desktops I guess I am disappointed with since I prefer most of them.

To be honest, I would think Ubuntu and Fedora would actually have solid resolutions for this these days. Evolution and the sync addon barely work if at all. …

I have a suspicion that you may be quite interested in an upcoming segment. Just a hunch though…


Are we going to be discussing Brians current journey to leave Google behind?


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