Pop!_OS . What you guys think about it?

So, System76 did announce that they are entering the distro dance. I must say that I’m very uneasy to accept another Ubuntu fork. What you guys think of that ?
Will we ever stop dividing our efforts, or is that just a lost cause ?
I’m really trying to see that as something positive, but I’m failing miserably.

As long as they don’t diverge WRT the underlying system too much - let a thousand flowers bloom.

If the answer to - “How to I get my hardware working” is different to Ubuntu, then they loose the advantage of building on such a widely used system - I doubt they’re interested to diverge that much though.

oh you mean
Poop_OS :3rd_place_medal:

I’m interested to see what the end goal with it is - whether it’ll be based on Ubuntu universe with a GUI on top (a la Elementary, Mint etc) or whether it’s just a theme and a few default settings. If the latter is the fact, I’m not sure why they don’t just use a PPA, it’s be much easier all round.

From what I could see after their announcement, its more like the former…
I have to say that, after some interviews and more clarifications on what they are trying to do … I do understand …a little bit better why they are doing that. I dont know if I do agree, but, its open source … everyone can do what they want …
Best luck to them. If canonical is really backing of from desktop , someone should fill the void … and became the new face of linux to non opensource users …
But, the name… could be better, hehehe

Mom!_OS? :smile:

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