Playing stuff on the wrong Instrument

My daughter has just gone mad at me for playing “If I ever loved you” by Justin Currie who most of wont of heard of but is a musical friend of who used to be in the Scottish band Del Amitri. I was using the wrong instrument apparently I should of been playing piano not tenor banjo.

What examples can we think of that just work on a different instrument from the original. Note Justin has done this on an acoustic guitar on TV but is not, as far as I aware a banjo or mandolin player as I am.

Love to see examples from our community doing this or links to well known musicians.

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@jonobacon I am aware you you like “shitty flute” so probably have several examples.

Another of my friends

Am I really that predictable? OK, yes, I know I am. :slight_smile:

A few faves:

‘The Trooper’ on harps:

Shovel Metal:

‘Raining Blood’ on Banjo:

‘Cowboys From Hell’ on Uke:


This always makes me chuckle, it sounds ridiculous and very funny


I love that video. Comedy. :slight_smile:

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On a similar note (ha!) and more Bill Bailey:

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