Planning Live Voltage, with hats

Today we started planning in detail the Live Voltage show in February in Los Angeles.

@bryanlunduke wore a cap. So did @jeremy. As such, @sil and I both obliged with suitable headwear:

Yes, @sil looks like a muppet.

We had a great meeting and Live Voltage is going to be epic.

Shouldn’t @bryanlunduke be forced to wear a blue fedora?


it has a FEATHER in it

At least @sil was wearing a hat.

The meaning is not lost on me, but a Fedora would be cool.

Edit: A Fedora and a bow tie!

It will be epic indeed. But, publicly posting a surreptitiously taken picture of a Bad Voltage planning session? Is nothing sacred sir?


Some things are indeed sacred. This is not one of those things. :slight_smile:

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