Photography Anyone?

I am wondering if there would be any interest in discussing photography here. I was assuming maybe not, but then, I wouldn’t know until it was brought up. There are definitely photography forums that can be pointed to, but the ones I have visited, it seems that many times the motto is “Respect: What a concept!” so I wouldn’t feel so welcome there. But, fortunately, that is not the case here! :slight_smile: It could be just sharing the interest, news, pics, equipment, etc.


Not something i actively do, but definitely open to discussions on anything here so long as people are nice to each other. :slight_smile:

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The inkscape mailing list was looking for active contributors, this year, although they use mattermost for their community.

Also the open-university does a course or two, but you’ll be using anything but f/loss, perhaps you could enquire there.

Would this be the same Open University that Onslow would watch? :smile:

I couldn’t find anything by searching “photography” in the subredit.

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Are you looking for a technical discussion here or simply an opportunity for us to share our work. If the latter do you have any particular categories in mind. We have shared images before for example I shared a few of the sights I see travelling to work and others responded in kind.

Perhaps this would make an interesting competition. I’m not sure if we could pull together a prize but we may be able to to show our appreciation by way of a suitable title on the winners profile “Wildlife photographer extraordinare” for example.


Yes. :slight_smile:

Just wherever the subject takes one. What kit one has or wishes for. What technics used for composition. What news one finds exciting. Nostalgia over old things. Sharing of work. Anything along the lines that one would like to share or ask. If there is a desire for some kind of competition, why not? I was just exploring if the idea is appealing enough here for discussion.

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I print photos to remember the happy hours.

Are you using a film camera or digital? I have both and still use my darkroom from time to time.

I’d recommend In my experience they address the topics you outlined very well. There are over 40 forums. More importantly, the photography expertise routinely shared on that site is exceptional. The ratio of quality, intelligent and respectful posts to flaming idiots is much better than one might expect.

And there is more than just forums.

Sorry this topic didn’t take on!

I would recommend, and especially their forum (also based on Discourse, hehe) to discuss all things photography, with an emphasis on libre and open source softwares.

Libre Graphics World recently did an interview with Pat David, founder of and contributor to GIMP.

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And here I had a truck load of sandbags ready for the flood of response to this topic! :grin:

Thanks for the link. I was unaware of that resource.

I’ve just received an old, but new for me, Canon, but haven’t even got it out of the bag really. Just kind of go into a funk with it all. Hopefully that will break soon.

Maybe make it about all the nice FOSS alternatives in the photography tools world, like darktable, or - even better - all the new FOSS alternatives to proprietary services, like Pixelfed?

Is it time for another competition?

I’m thinking Black and W;hite (or Sepia), Industrial images.

If you have a modern digital camera there is lots of software to remove colour but I may go old school with film and the darkroom.

Interested? Let me know: maybe suggest another topic.

Happy to start a new thread. Let us know where the photo was taken, equipment and (if appropriate) software used.

The prize: None except the admiration of other community members.

From several years ago: How to treat your kids.
I am joking here, she is now 19 and the love of my life.

Equipment: Pentax ME super. Lens 135mm, printed in my darkroom.
Can’t remember f-stop or exposure time.

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I am interested in equipment but there is no snobbery here. A great image is a great image.

Disposable camera, mobile phone, compact, SLR or my classic Hasselblad 500CM are all good

I’m going to be impolite and barge in on this thread of GNU/Linux users and photobugs to ask a question because I know nothing about photography:
What proggys are in the repos that would be of interest to a photobug? (I’m housesitting for a friend this week on the condition I can install Debian on their system and they’re a bit of a photobug so I thought it would be nice to install ''xyz" too)

There are probably several but I guess the most popular is probably GIMP. It can be found in the Ubuntu software centre and most other distributions too. If you need help installing it let us know which distribution you are using. Between us I’m sure we know most of the common ones.

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A whole list of software.

But, which to select to put on a friends computer? :thinking:

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@WarrenHill @oldgeek So very sorry for the super late reply! I don’t know why but I couldn’t log on for a couple weeks (but got got an email today asking about password reset request which is one of the things I tried…so I guess it’s all good now :)).I appreciate the offer to help (it was debian so the netinstall is beyond easy) and I set that page as the firefox homepage. Belated thanks to both of you :slight_smile:

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