OnePlus One invite

Hey guys,

After looking around for a new phone, someone told me about the OnePlus One.
Did some research, apperently you need an invite to get one.

Does anyone have an invite or knows how to get one?

Thanks :wink:

Wow, that looks pretty explosive: :slight_smile:

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Sing it with me: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire… :wink:

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Oh, Oh. That reminds me of an old joke.

There was a chess convention at a hotel one weekend. As the participants of the convention were checking in, they tended to linger in the front door area, all talking about matches they played and won, new strategies that they used. This went on for a while and the crowd was getting bigger. Eventually, the manager came to them and asked them to go to their rooms or to the hall they rented. When asked why, the manager told them that they were obstructing the entryway and then said “besides, I cannot stand boasting chess nuts in an open foyer.”

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Isn’t that the company that got into shit for asking woman to take photos of their body with one plus one written on it?

I just got one on Saturday. I ordered it the day the news articles appeared. So far it’s in good condition. You should know though that any rechargable battery is actually a ticking bomb that might explode any day. It just happened by the odds that this OnePlus One exploded. Oh and it comes with CyanogenMod including Privacy Guard and stuff by default. No vendor crap. Updates appear in time. I’m on KitKat 4.4.4 right now. :smile:

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