No Show This Week: Feedback Wanted

Unfortunately, for personal reasons there will once again be no proper show this week. That said, we would like to record something for the listeners. While we will not be able to get together, we’d like to hear any questions you’d like us to answer or topics you’d like to hear us discuss (happy to hear additional ideas or feedback as well). You can target any specific person or the entire group for this, but the recordings will be done individually. Based on feedback each of us will be recording a 10-15 minute solo session and then we’ll stitch that intro show 68. We’ll be back strong as ever next show. Thanks for the patience.


I was interested to hear Jono’s review of the guitar pedal a few weeks ago.
Apart from Linux what other creative hobbies do you guys have? Anything unexpected?

I like science (although I’m not a scientist), are there any areas of science that interest you guys, if so which?

Thanks for the suggestion, I think this would have been a good topic but we’ve already recorded. Will keep it in mind for the future.


Jeremy enjoys slowly stroking SATA cables to nurture the bits traversing within to their full maturity, Aq ogles non-ginger hair from afar with envy, Bryan is going through the Kolinahr to purge his remaining emotions, and Jono communitises community community community communities.

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