New listener here! Felt the need to complement you!

Hey Bad Voltage!

New listener from the UK, got to say I’m loving getting through the back episodes. I think you have great dynamic between the presenters and I love the breadth of topics you cover.

I actually started listening just from hearing about the podcast on other Linux/FOSS podcasts and it’s definitely become one of my favourites!

And just when I thought it couldn’t get better I hear Stuart insulting @jonobacon for being from Wolverhampton, my home town!

I’m about the same age as jono as well, so wondered which part you from and which school you went to. Tettenhall Wood and a Regis lad here!

Keep up the great work, certainly keep me amused on my commute up and down the M6 daily!



Welcome! Great to have you here, and thanks for the kind words!

While I lived in Wolves, I never grew up there. I am from t’North Yorkshire. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the fun house :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the Bad voltage community. I’m not a presenter on the show but very active and a moderator on the forum. Take the time to have a look around, you will notice that while a lot of what appears here is triggered by events on the podcast there is also much that is here just because someone was interested and wanted to know what others here thought.

Feel free to contribute to any of the on-going threads or create your own. All views are welcome, including some controversial topics provided they are discussed with mutual respect. The only rule is Don’t be a dick.

So welcome @chbmb and enjoy both the podcasts and the forum :smile: .

Please respect our code of conduct which is simple: don't be a dick.