New Kickstarter from the folks at Linux Voice

The guys from Linux Voice just announced their new kickstarter campaign:


This sounds like a great idea. Too many people think computers are magic boxes and programming is a dark art.

An explanation that programs follow a set of simple rules and that you can do some impressive things just by joining these rules together should help demystify the world of computing. If this book goes on to explain how once you have learnt how to do one thing you can re-use that to do something even better then it is teaching all the fundamental concepts to understand what your tablet, computer or smart phone.

Most people reading this book will probably not decide to become programmers, and I suspect introducing some people to the syntax of say Python, Java or any other language would discourage them from reading it, but a simple understanding has to be a good thing. A few will no doubt be inspired to find out more and start to learn coding.

For anyone thinking of supporting this project the link is here:

Beep Beep Yarr! by Linux Voice

Makes sense, for £30 you can get the parents guide, aswell.

Reminds me of the Oor Wullie Annual.

I was thinking about getting my nephew a Kano raspberry Pi Kit.
But I think first he has to learn the rudimentaries, he’s only 5.

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