Neuro privacy with game consoles

Trolling @bryanlunduke here but I just heard a great segment on Quirks and Quarks podcast that could make an interesting segment here to explore further.

It’s the first segment, the privacy issue is explored with the second guest.

I don’t know, this is what I got.

Guess I’ll have to find it otherwise. :smile:

Ha, found it!

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Oh no, I was hoping for a download for my mp3 player, but this link wants to play on the web browser. I’m trying to find a rss feed or something.

Edit: found one

I’ll give it a try!

Well, that neuro scanning thing is disturbing! I laughed when it was suggested to get the government involved. That always makes things better. :smile:

Sorry about that. I just grabbed the link from Google Music’s share button. I was on the train and was arriving at my stop.

I especially liked his comment about what the apps could do with the data once they had it. Because that’s an issue today. For example, I don’t mind giving an app access to my contacts so that I can easily pick from a drop down list BUT that doesn’t mean they can spam all my contacts! Permissions need to get much more granular - access to contacts only to populate fields in-app as opposed to access to contacts and hope nothing nefarious happens!

The fifth amendment in the US constitution protects against self incrimination. But, the courts have ruled that does not count for finger prints or DNA. I wonder how this would play out if law enforcement could find a use for such technology? Quite disturbing!!!.

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