Music Bed Under First Segment

Please stop it.

Hacky morning radio shows put music beds under their segments because what they’re talking about isn’t interesting. It’s distracting and makes it hard to follow the conversation.

You guys don’t need to do this because what you’re talking about is actually interesting. There’s no need to drown out the conversation with a loop of horrible music.

Just for clarity are you saying the guys are talking over music? If so I can’t say I have noticed it but will listen again.

Or, are you complaining about the short segments of music between segments?

Check the last few episodes. There’s a music Bed playing under the first segment where they do the quick news pieces.

Yes, you are correct I hadn’t noticed it before but I agree it can be distracting, may make it more difficult for people to understand if they are hard of hearing, and serves no useful purpose.

@jonobacon, you edit the show can we stop doing this please.

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