Memory aids.- - Forgotten Keys

Mr brother forget his house key yesterday and I got home last night to see a message from the children of the landlord of his favourite bar that I should go and collect him.

When I got there the landlords youngest daughter was teaching my brother a song to the tune ‘Heads, Shoulders. kneas and Toes’.

Keys and money, mobile phone, mobile phone.
Keys and money mobile phone, mobile phone.
Take clothes and Passport if there’s a chance to roam
Keys and money, mobile phone
Mobile phone.

He was also being taught a dance to check for each item before leaving the house.

Has anybody else got a great memory aid to ensure they always arrive prepared?

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At work I’m a chandelier o’ gear and I actually have the reverse problem. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been dead tired after a shift and had to go back to give keys etc. to the next shift. The worst was the time my bus ride to the subway station after work was interrupted by radio traffic…from my belt :frowning: I definitely like cute songs and I will alter this ritual for my needs. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I had a great idea a moment ago, but have suddenly forgotten it.

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