Lunduke & Whatnot (With Matt)

I just listened to @bryanlunduke’s new show on the Youtubes:

It is a good show (not surprising since both Bryan and Matt are veterans at shows). Matt held his own in contributing to the show too, which I was glad to hear, especially since it’s easy for Bryan to dominate a show (I know, that is so hard to imagine :smile:) . I’m not sure if I missed anything converting the video to mp3, but I can say that it listens good (I don’t have time to sit and watch videos :disappointed:).

I thought I would bring it out here since Bryan’s humility has always hindered his self promotion! :smile:

They now have it released as a podcast.

Ya. I enjoyed the one with Ubuntu derivatives and Solus; interesting to see the different approaches!

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Oldgeek speaks the truth. That Lunduke fella is chock full of humility.

That was a fun one, wasn’t it? We have some cool as hell people in our world.

I think it’s good to hear from people doing something not mostly driven by commercial stuff. And to look at the differences between what they emphasise and what results it’s had. That only really comes out in this kind of panel style interview, and I hadn’t really realised that until seeing it :slight_smile:

I really appreciated the fellow that made a distribution because of his family’s needs.

Right? I mean… how cool is that? And… how awesome is it that this is something that’s even possible? So freakin’ rad.

A question there. I certainly agree it’s rad. But if someone less enlightened were to say: why is that better than a CD full of good windows software and a single app that installs them all and sets up the desktop… What would a good answer be?

That’s kind of the question I would have in mind. After all, part of my mind goes to ‘whatever works.’ Would educating one of the benefits and principles of FOSS would be good place to start?

And I thought I was accomplishing something when I made a TV antenna for our house. But to make your own distribution from the kernel up? That is amazing! That was the guy that made Solus, right? I just about put that on my old laptop a while back, but went with Manjaro instead. Just might have to rethink that.

Now just finished episode 3. Very interesting the evolution stories of System 76 and Linux machines from Dell. Really enjoyed this one also.

Yes that was the best one so far, made me give solus a bang.

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