Listening Party - Technology to do it?

Ladies and gents,

I want to explore the idea of a listening party again. As in, we release a show, and at set times, people can all congregate together and listen to the show, and make comments about the show as it progresses on IRC.

Ideally, we publish a show on the Thursday, and then at a set time (e.g. 17.00 UTC) the show automatically starts streaming at, as in, the BV team don’t have to do anything to kick off the stream. That page would have an embedded IRC channel (#badvoltage) and some controls to connect to the stream. We could potentially have multiple listening parties to cover more timezones.

So, does anyone have any recommendations on the technology we could use to do this? This should be something that is packaged and runs on Ubuntu (so we can run it on our server). We would also want it to work across multiple platforms and multiple browsers on desktops, phones, and tablets, preferably without having to install any special software.

I am assuming icecast, but how would we set this up in an automated fashion?

17:00 utc? Is that past bedtime?

You know that you are getting old when you are faced with temptation and your first thought is “will it keep me up past 8:00?”

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