Listening back to some older episodes

Jono really needs to try Debian again. I’m not even a Debian user but it’s not 2004 anymore. Debian at the moment is in my opinion is barely more difficult than Ubuntu, probably about the same as Fedora. You keep ranking it up with Gentoo and LFS and it’s just not. Jeremy mentioned wanting to move from Ubuntu soon, try Debian. You lose PPA’s and getting your nvidia drivers etc is a tad more annoying but that’s actually about it.

My actual vote for a followup to the OpenSUSE review would be Arch. Personally I just can’t stand Fedora despite trying to like it repeatedly. Equally the other suggested one, Gentoo… its just gunna be half an hour of bitching about compile times and not really caring about the things Gentoo is good at, because it’s not meant for “real” users.

My other suggestion would be PC-BSD. Never used it personally however it’s a FreeBSD based system that’s trying for the same markets as Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora etc. It could be interesting to see what’s going on in the BSD world.

In the past I preferred to install and setup Slackware before I would touch Debian (IMO it was easier to use :stuck_out_tongue:) - Just finished installing Debian 8 and quickly switched it to Sid and it was silly simple and is working very well (got to love Gnome 3.16).

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Yea I’m desktop hopping all over the place at the moment. I have my peeves with each of them but honestly gnome3 is really, really nice. I just wish they stopped trying to limit options. XFCE is also great and honestly I’m loving KDE as well except with the transition to kf5 everything is just borking endlessly, still enjoying it.

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