Just who is James Bond 007?

One theory is that he is actually a Time Lord.

Could it be?

Not sure about James Bond but Santa clearly is a time lord: it’s the only way he could deliver all the presents on time.

One day for us be he has several years to do the job.

About every time I hear of Santa Claus I think of the Marx Brothers movie where Groucho was trying to get Chico to sign a contract. Chico kept objecting to parts and Groucho would tear it off until there was this small slip left and Chico asks what that was. Groucho explains it’s a provision if one of the parties to the contract goes crazy, a sanity clause. And then Chico says ‘you can’t fool me, I know there’s no such thing as a sanity clause.’

Anyone know which movie that was in? I loved it.

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