Jono's new avatar

I was thinking of how I have gotten quite use to Jono’s new avatar. How about an informal poll to suggest he keep it?? :smile:

Or perhaps he might be thinking of joining the prohibition movement and could use:


That picture makes me want to start drinking. :wink:

As for my avatar, I assure you my friend, that as soon as Thursday comes around that damn pony will be gone. :slight_smile:

Wow. You’re not wrong. One look at them made me want to ask “Is that a promise?” :smiley:

I don’t know, I would think that any man would throw the bottle far away and open his arms and say “Come to Papa!!” :smiley:

Tell us, how do you really feel? :smile:

Quote from Mark (

Maybe you should rethink about keeping it. hehe :wink:
I wonder if there is a connection between his choice and your current Avatar.

Completely unrelated. :slight_smile:

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