I've found a new phone for Stuart


My new phone arrived today and I think it’s suitable for even @sil’s fun sized fingers.

Jelly Pro in the Hand

Jelly Pro vs Pi Zero


If someone makes one of those with an edge-to-edge screen with some decent pixel depth, I may well buy it :slight_smile:


Still waiting for mine. One day, maybe! :tired_face::disappointed_relieved::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not an edge to edge display, but Sony just announced their XZ1 Compact, and it looks reasonably small with a top-end specs.


I find it amusing that, these days, a phone the size of Apple’s iPhone 5s and before, is considered “compact”.

I am kind of hoping the foldable phone will work. For me, it is not so much working with a larger screen, but the area it occupies in my pocket. I wouldn’t mind it being thicker, just a smaller area.

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