Hardware based cloud storage

One of the things that didn’t get a look in on the show was hardware based storage, and I was interested in what other people thought of/used.

One of the other podcasts I listen to ( Scott Sigler - http://www.scottsigler.com ) recently started using Transporter ( http://www.filetransporter.com/ ) for their syncing needs, which are similar to the BV crew. What’s different here is that you pay a one-off cost for a piece of hardware, which you then sync with to your other devices/storage options. It does mean that all your files are still on your storage (so it’s not “cloud” storage) but if you’re working in multiple locations and transferring a lot of data (a la the BV crew) it’s a lot cheaper than the monthly dropbox costs…

There are other options out there that work similarly, no doubt. Any thoughts/experiences?

Ya. I’ve had Pogoplug recommended to me as well as filetransporter. I didn’t use them because I already have hardware – an HP Microserver with terabytes of space in it, which it would be daft to not use.

I think that’s partly the point with their “Sync” product - you can plug your existing external storage into it, rather than paying for more (albeit drives, rather than a file server - would be interesting if they could support NAS)

I just hang a 3 tb Seagate drive off my Pi and mount that.

That’s completely different. (Well - unless you can explain your software stack for syncing that across multiple devices in multiple locations)


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