Great Bad Voltage idea ripped by Google

The great idea of shouting out random commands to personal assistants like Google Home or Alexa during the show, has apparently already been ripped by Google during the Super Bowl!

Now, could it be that all data passing Google servers is being scanned by Google for great commercial ideas? In the end they are a commercial venture, so I suppose so. I find it great to see how big the reach of Bad Voltage is nowadays!

Maybe you could provide download/play statistics of the shows for the general public? (Or you already do and I’m oblivious to where on the site)

Hah! Rest assured, more of this is going to be happening on our side. :wink:

Ha! Great stuff. I hope you manage to activate the Siri’s on my iPad and iPhones, plus the google assistant on the Nexus simultaneously with one command!

Now that is a challenge :slight_smile:

All joking aside, loving the show! It’s as if listening to Lugradio at its peak, but much more mature and great improvements in production.


This is a brilliant idea. Any ideas how we can do this?

Also, people, suggestions for amusing things we can say on the show to trigger people’s devices? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words, great to have you here, @basr!

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