GNU General Public License: eXtreme!

I’d like to interject for a moment. Here’s some ideas for the GPL-X:

  • All GPL-X programs will be distributed in source form only to ensure they remain free.
  • You will not be able to compile, run or link any GPL-X code on any computer with any proprietary software, firmware or hardware.
  • GPL-X programs will not network with any computer or program with proprietary software, firmware or hardware.
  • While using GPL-X programs you are required to abide by the GPL-X social contract:
    • You will not write, use or distribute any proprietary software, firmware or hardware.
    • You will not create, consume or distribute any non-copyleft media.
    • You will not aid or facilitate in the usage of proprietary software, firmware or hardware.
    • You will include a ‘GNU’ before ‘Linux’ in speech or writing.
    • You will boycott the Coca-Cola company.


I almost think it should be the other way around…

“Any software residing on, or near, a computer running GPL-X code will automatically, and irrevocably, be re-licensed under the GPL-X.”

Not far enough, I say!

“You will prefix the names of all software, hardware, or ideas with ‘GNU/’.”

This made me LOL. Yes. We must keep this. With no additional information. Just this lone sentence must appear somewhere within the license.

  • All source code licensed under GPL-X must be edited with a GPL-X licensed version of GNU Emacs.
  • All non-software works (graphics, audio, etc.) used, distributed, or created with GPL-X software must be licensed under CC-SA-X.
  • You agree to actively seek invalidation of any software patents implemented by any software residing on, or near a computer running GPL-X code.
  • All GPL-X programs must have their name prefixed with “GNU”.
  • All authors and users of GPL-X programs must have a beard.
  • Any network operations performed during the transmission, operation or duplication of GPL-X programs must take place at 2,400 bps.
  • All food and drink consumed during the development and use of GPL-X software must be of Free Trade origin, and purchased from a Local Independent Retail Vendor.
  • The only audio-visual assets permitted for use with GPL-X software are those of Richard Stallman performing the Free Software Song.
  • Use of DVORAK input devices is preferred during the development and use of GPL-X software, but is not required.

These are awesome. I’m going to start drafting up a basic version of the GPL-X based on what we’ve got so far. But keep those ideas coming. There’s room for plenty more. :smile:

… purchased using anonymous currency…

Also, any revision of the GPL-X must be approved by the elders of the Church of Emacs and St. iGNUcius.

  • All identifier/symbol names in your code must start with gnu or gpl or rms
  • All clothing worn when developing, using or auditing the software source must be 100% environmental friendly materials (requires further definition, fix in GPLXv2)
  • All food consumed when developing, using or auditing the software must be 100% vegan friendly
  • All shits taken during breaks from developing, using, or auditing the software must be wiped using a water nozzle (or not at all), to save the trees
  • The project website must have a blacklist for all non-Free web browsers
  • The project website must mention that the software is licensed under the GPLX license before mentioning what it does
  • The project website must not be hosted on a server running anything but GPL* software

Lol. I like that one.

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All clothing worn when developing, using or auditing the software source must be 100% environmental friendly materials (requires further definition, fix in GPLXv2)

Also, the only acceptable shirt for developing GPL-X software are red or purple short sleeve polos.

Anything published under this license should have Jono recounting the virtues of kale included.

All offspring of the developer born after the adoption of the GPL-X must have their tax details made freely available.

All monies accepted in compensation for any service supported by the software or the computer it runs on must be surrendered as donations to FSF or approved GNU organisation

Or is that a penny too far?

No such thing.

I know I’m a little late to the party, but I would like to propose an amendmenf to the disallowing networking with non-GPL-X systems clause. I would replace it with the following.

  • Any program, system or machine that communicates with a GPL-X program is licensed under GPL-X and is given 30 days to comply with the terms of this license.
  • Any developer, user, or individual within 30 meters(inclusive) of a device running GPL-X licensed software must assist in enforcing GPL-X conditions.
  • Any armies, militant groups, gangs, or other oraganizations, criminal or otherwise that result from the above conditions must go under the name Free Software Force(FSF) or Software Liberation Army(SLA).
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