GitHub co-founder quits after investigator finds “errors of judgment”

Open Source is soon gonna be better than Coronation Street, soap-opera wise!

Interesting, thanks for the share, @Pierre.

I found these two paragraphs a bit contradictory:

The company launched what it called a “full, independent, third-party investigation,” which “found no evidence to support the claims against Tom and his wife of sexual or gender-based harassment or retaliation, or of a sexist or hostile work environment,” GitHub CEO and co-founder Chris Wanstrath wrote today.


Despite not corroborating the main allegations, “the investigator did find evidence of mistakes and errors of judgment. In light of these findings, Tom has submitted his resignation, which the company has accepted. Tom has been a huge part of this company from the very beginning and we appreciate all that he has done for GitHub. We wish him the best in his next endeavour.”

If they performed a full investigation and found no evidence of wrong-doing, I don’t understand why he left?

Hm, they found no evidence of “sexual or gender-based harassment”, but they did find “evidence of mistakes and errors of judgment”. Which could be everything and nothing.

I remember reading an article on The Verge about the beginning of the story: and

And the truth is… we don’t know anything. The whole thing is full of half-explained accusations or arguments, so it’s very hard to understand what’s going on exactly. I’m sure Julie Ann Horvath had very good reasons to leave the company and complain about things going on in Github, but the explanations given in The Verge (or Ars Technica, or other websites) are very vague, so… yeah, we don’t know anything in the end.

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