Get Bryan Lunduke Off the Show!

Calling all armchair activists,

Let’s get Bryan off the show! He’s always wrong and his only function in the show is to say things which are controversial, because they’re wrong.

Let’s see if we can get 100 people to reply to this thread in agreement to really drive the message home to the Bad Voltage team that Bryan has to go.

The team might also be interested to hear your suggestions of who should replace him. I vote for Jeremy Clarkson. He’s also controversial, usually wrong, but is a bit funnier.

Also, thanks to Jono for proposing this idea.


P.S. You might want to listen to episode 66 before responding to this thread.


Hear! Hear! Get this bozo off the show!


Now, now, @benfrancis…Everyone has a purpose in life, even if it is only to be a bad example…:grinning:

Just kidding, @bryanlunduke…Every time you say something that annoys me, I think back to the interview with RMS on LAS. :slight_smile:

First of all I gave money to Bryan via Patreon.

I asked a question and he never bothered to respond about audiobooks.

Personally I think Bryan just suffers from American Geekism to which he’s a chronic ‘subject’ abuser.

If he bought out an autobiography of all he exploits - I’d wait till it got below £20 & I’d buy it.
But as long as he’s in open source spasm-mode, he’ll not do what anyone tells him to do.

I wouldn’t miss him - but then again look at Noah off LAS, and I have to ask the question: Who’d replace him ?

Without Bryan Lunduke Bad Voltage would have missed out on “Above the clouds, above the law” during episode 29. Yes I am reduced to listening old shows. I am still waiting for my Arubixs Portal.

Fairly astonished, but it looks like they released a new video update 2 hours ago:

…and now, it glows!


This is the huge phone that you strap to your arm? It’s still real?

I vote for replacing him with Kate Hopkins. The show needs more wrongness

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