FitBit and your data

So saw this today on twitter:

Eleanor Saitta ‏@Dymaxion Apr 21
You call it “quantified self”, I call it “capitalism stamping on all possible biological intimacies”: … (v @agpublic)

Fitbit ‏@fitbit 13m
@Dymaxion Fitbit does not sell user data. Users may choose to share their data with friends, on social media, or with wellness programs.

Eleanor Saitta ‏@Dymaxion 11m
.@fitbit “Choose to share this data with our wellness program, or we’ll fire you”. Today’s choice is tomorrow’s obligation. Unacceptable.

and again, this is the article they were discussing: Fitbit Is Now Officially Profiting From Users’ Health Data


Wow, @Dymaxion is reading way too much into this, at least from my perspective. Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it will happen.

The key point in the article (emphasis mine):

Fitbit has started to sell its trackers by the thousands to employers along with “sophisticated tracking software,” says a new report from Forbes. With employees’ permission, employers can then track their workers’ health, see how active individual employees are and foster a little healthy competition.

Sure, an employer could force you into submitting your stats, but that is unlikely, and if they do ask you to do this, find a new employer.

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