First Guitar Riff

Driving home tonight Radio 2 in the UK were discussing guitar riffs and what we all need to play.

I’m interested in two answers here:

  1. Musicians: What do you play and what inspired you to pick it up?

  2. Non-musicians: if my magic wand could give you great musical skill, it can’t by the way, what do you wish you could play both as an instrument and as a piece of music?


My entry to the guitar was Deep Purple “Smoke on The Water” when I was shown you can main riff with one finger on the middle two strings. From there I progressed to ‘Stairway’ though I now play mainly folk and have added Tenor Banjo, Ukulele and Mandolin to my regularly played instruments.



Piano. The bit of music varies – sometimes it’s Blueberry Hill, sometimes The Lonely Man, sometimes others – but I’d probably pick something classical and complicated on the grounds that if I could play that then I could probably play the other stuff too :slight_smile:


I play bass guitar.
I had a friend who had one and let me have a go, then I decided to see what I could play.
I did have some lessons, not formal music grading or anything. Just went down to a guy’s house and he showed me how to finger the notes and scales and how the progressions work etc - kinda interesting in a geeky kinda way.

I really like The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the music has some really interesting bass lines and is fun, and also rocks!

This was me doing a play-along to Madness from a few years ago, tehehe


dunno, What does @bryanlunduke think ?

@bryanlunduke is everywhere BUT here.

I prefer sporty-riffs

Sure, I would love to be able to play Flamenco guitar or Jazz on the piano. But I would be content just to be able to sing. The human voice can be amazing. Unfortunately, mine isn’t.


Guitar and drums. My dad played drums in a rock band when he was younger and Iron Maiden was the inspiration for playing guitar.

My band, Severed Fifth (I played guitar/vocals):


I love instrumental guitar. I would like to be able to play as well as my son-in-law:

Or a chap named PeerGynt Lobogris:

I love instrumental too, sometimes, I am more into acoustic though. Stuff like this for example

This is originally by Adrian Legg, though this is neither him nor me.

This clip is Adrian though.

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Not my favourite Madness track but well played sir. I can read the dots but as long as you are getting pleasure from it and (hopefully giving pleasure to others) that is the point of music.

The voice is a beautiful instrument in some peoples bodies. I too wish it was better in mine.

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Musicians: What do you play and what inspired you to pick it up?

Guitar - family / first non-classical pop song was stairway.

I went to buy my first strat last year, really really wanted a white one purely because of the scene above :smiley:

Ended up with

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