Feedback + Commodore Phone

Hi guys,

Firstly, thanks so much for a great show. I had heard of it at some point last year but hadn’t gotten around to listening to any of the shows until very recently (last week) and I’m almost caught up now.

I think the show really works… I think the main things are: (i) you guys are friggin’ hilarious! There’s never a boring moment (ii) the 4-person dynamic is great because it feels like just the right number of perspectives (iii) the show length is kept to an hour or slightly longer but never feels like it drags on.

Just listening to 1x41 with the interview of Christina, checked out Mashable and saw something you might find interesting: . I really enjoyed the episode where you guys talked about the old computers such as the C64. I grew up on the Commodore 64 as well and it was nice to hear the nostalgic stories from your past. (Have any of you tried LUnix?)

One last thing: I am mostly a Linux + open-source enthusiast but I’ve really enjoyed the non-Linux (and/or non-tech) segments. I think they really add some extra flavor to the show. So I think it’d be cool to keep them in rather than go “all-tech”.

Thanks again for the great show!

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I’m just not sure how the cassette recorder will do for storage on the device. :smile:


I LOLed at this. :slight_smile:

Native support for .sid songs is a must.


Was the old Star Trek game ported to the Commodore? I spent hours on that one. Surely a form of Basic will work on the phone. :smile:

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