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The inevitable “what’s your favourite editor and why” topic. I think all tech related forums have them!

I’ve been through a lot of them and, obviously, there is a time and a place for each. However, I seem to have bonded mostly to Emacs, especially in non window mode. I’ve gotten used to all the keyboard shortcuts and vast sea of extensions have been of great use. Not to turn this in a Vi vs Emacs as I also really do like vi as well. I’ve also dabbled with Sublime.

IDE wise, that’s quite easy. In day-to-day work, I’m a Python developer, so I use PyCharm because it is really a good product. For the most part “it just works” and has some really clever features build in, like deployment. I used to use Eclipse with PyDev, but after a year-and-a-bit of playing, could never get it stable (especially with the eGit plugin).

I have not tried emacs yet but seem to like vim. I like being able to press r and just replace a character or delte whole lines a few words and other things. also like easy to know how to undo changes.


And you cannot like emacs as well as vim. It is The Law.

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For me, I have done the vast majority of my Python programming in Geany. Before then it was GEdit. Highly recommended. :slight_smile:

More importantly, it is OK to not give a shit about either too. :wink:


Having the emacs vs vi argument is like arguing about petrol vs diesel. You’re fiddling while Rome burns. Some years from now, that choice will be totally irrelevant and basically incomprehensible to modern developers.

I was a Sublime person; I’m currently trying gedit; I may try Atom when they finallly give a shit about Ubuntu, but them taking so long is itself deincentivising.

What was that neat kickstarter-funded editor from a while back that was all about reducing clutter and focusing on the code, while also making it easier to jump into chunks of code such as functions and classes? Anyone know what I am talking about. It looked fantastic.

If we’re arguing about it, I might agree with you. I don’t see any arguing here thou. Just people expressing their tastes. As a sysadmin who dabbles in programming, Vim is my daily driver. Most systems have vi of some sort, and even Windows has gvim. I have to say that likely my preference is driven wholly by vim being ‘the one I started with’, but I love it all the same.

Yes, I don’t understand where GitHub get the impression that everyone programs on Macs now? Maybe they’ve got some stats…


Fedora should coin that name for their next release.


Well played, @joe, we’ll played.

I started to use vi because it was installed by default on most of the servers I had to work with.

I would love to dig more into it, but I am not a hardcore developer, so I’m never really in a situation where it’s worth to spend 20-30 minutes to learn about some new tricks in vi that will change my life forever to edit code (especially since if you don’t apply those tricks right away, you’ll forget them).

Then I discovered Sublime Text and I liked it because of some wow! features like the multiple-line editor, which is very handy when you have to edit some tabular data or quickly modify the formatting of a bunch of line before including it in a report or something.

I would like to do some more Python, so I’ll try to see what interesting alternatives there are for this… I heard about Ninja IDE but never had a chance to give it a try…

I did so for the exact same reason, and I continue to do so. (Well, vim). I try and a new trick every few months, and so gradually get more advanced. I’ve tried graphical editors off and on, and they often have some nice features, but I keep coming back to Vim.

What code editor do I use? ITIL Change Advisory Board.

Anybody know the markdown for a smilie smoking a pipe?

Sublime is great. It has lots of great plugins available. From the command line, vim is where it’s at. NerdTree, syntastic, and airline are awesome.

Medit - but I mostly just edit shellscripts.
Of course, I have been spending so much time with R lately that I have been seeing more of Rstudio

I tried Ninja while learning Python. The autocomplete leaves a lot to be desired. I prefer to use sublime for my studies, may try atom someday, but not just yet.

I practically live in Sublime. I will be taking a close look at Atom when they finally get around to making it for not OSX though.

For scripts, html and so I like jEdit.
For Qt/QML, Qt Creator is absolutely perfect.
Visual Studio sucks!

Emacs, period. It is one of such IDEs where you are always learning a new thing, week after week.

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