Didn't realise there was a Microsoft Freedom edition

If he cures a bunch of very nasty diseases, I have to say I’ll give him a pass on prior sins. I still don’t trust the Microsoft Corporation though.

Never really had anything against Gates tbh, Ballmer was basically satan though. I have thought for the last few years that only once Ballmer resigned would it be clear Microsoft wanted to adapt to the new world, instead of trying to impose their views of reality on the market.

We will have to see if that comes true with the new CEO. I’m at least happy to see Microsoft be lead by a product-first manager. It seems anytime too many non-product people - like legal personnel, HR and marketers - get too high in an organisation, the whole thing goes belly up.

Ole Bill now owns even less of Microsoft.


Is he bailing out?

Local IT magazine had a nice rant by Miodrag Kuzmanović. After reminding us what MS is and what it’s definitely not, he ended with (will try my best with translation):

…If you want us to perceive you as a fellow human beings, first do what Willy Brandt did - get on your kneels and make an apology high as sky. For everything you have ever done, for every penny you have ever took, for contract with Republic of Serbia where Windows is used in the government administration, for every Xbox exclusive that bypassed PC, for every DirectX… Your’s ex boss Gates started to repent his sins long time ago, vaccinating Africa and eradicating malaria, but I doubt there is enough infectious diseases for all of you.

Businesses like usual - few hundreds millions spent on reputation face lift.


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