Community Segments In Show

Just an idea for the show. I know you get a ‘celebrity’ interviewee on every week; all of which have been interesting to listen to. How about you also open a segment up to ‘the community’, i.e. us?

We can post topics to rant about, or questions on here, for you guys, and the best get time on air.

Just a thought. Loving the show.

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I love the idea of more segments focused on our community. Our community is at the heart of Bad Voltage and bringing it into the show I think makes perfect sense.

Interviews are definitely one idea - we could do a five minutes of fame segment where we get a community member on to talk about something, for example.

What other examples could do we do?

I was imagining that the guy / girl could really talk about what ever they want (within obvious reason). For example, I hate Cent OS with a bloody passion, but am forced to use it at work. Jeremy said he uses it, so I could ask why and just get a debate going. Another example might be a project I’m starting and I’m looking for some help, whether that be devs, artists, whatever. I could come on and pitch that project.

Someone should goad me into doing my Bane and Joker impressions :wink:

“When your app has passed all it’s CI testing requirements … then you have my permission to deploy”

Wearing the bane mask is required though. We all must see it too :smile:

I think we would want to ensure there is some focus of the discussion though. Otherwise it would feel rather disjointed. As I say, I think more community engagement on the podcast would be great, and particularly highlighted projects, ideas, and other area our community is involved. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was imagining that said topic would have been vetted first and that there’d be focus on that.

Look forward to hearing the first community chin wag in the show :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we should start a thread for people to propose their topics/rants and why they would be interesting.
Then we can vote for who we’d like to hear on the show.

A random five minute rant about something by a random guy would be a great thing to spark disscusion/argument on the show and the forums.

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