Community contest?

Hi Everyone,

One of the things that is important to us with Bad Voltage is to build an awesome community around the show. We want the Bad Voltage community to be a fun place to hang out with other like-minded people.

To grow our community we need to make it a fun place to hang out, and it is great to see our community forum here growing each day with more and more fun discussion.

Another way of making this a fun place to be is organizing community-related efforts such as LAN gaming, get-togethers, competitions and more.

So, one thing I thought could be fun is some kind of competition or contest in our community. We could figure out a few prizes and promote it on the show, and obviously announce the winners on the show.

So…ideas for contests or competitions? Get your suggestions in here!

Well a suggestion, with my own reasoning:

A Quiz Question: with say prizes like show swag, or say a licene copy of linux tycoon, something that wouldn’t cost you a whole heck of a lot but doesnt alienate others.

Thing with Lan Gaming, sorry not so much of a gamer so I just dont have an interest there.

Mabey something like a mumble channel, as a posed to IRC which everyone and their brother is useing? Something open source free, etc.

Just a thought.

How about “The Bad Voltage New Listener Selfie” Competition.

The winner is the existing community member who gets the most people to send a selfie to BV, including a little sign saying “My name is xyz xyz, and I’m going to listen to Bad Voltage (whatever that is) because existing community member told me to”.

Prize? Two weeks all inclusive deal in the Bahamas…

…or maybe just a t shirt or something :smile:

I love the idea of a selfie competition. This could be a lot of fun, and we can put the winners up on the website. :slight_smile:

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The Spotify Playlist Disparity Tradeoff?

This could be a lovely argument starter.

Players have to make a six track playlist on Spotify. Start with three of the most dreadful, make your ears bleed, that track is bad even in sign language minger tracks, followed by the three most awsome tracks going. The winner is the person who the panel think managed to find the widest gap between heaven & hell.

Hah! This sounds like fun too. :slight_smile:

LAN gaming would be cool. Win a prize for who kills Bryan the most or something :smiley: Hangouts at some Linux Conf or something of the sort could be fun as well.

IRC or mumble would work. Maybe some sort of special community show to tie it in.

Love the idea of this. Maybe a gaming tournament. Would be cool if a member of the community could coordinate and run this. :slight_smile:

What type of game are we thinking? I’m guessing PC rather than console would work best for this type of thing, as we could setup a badvoltage server for everyone to connect to. Also, Is cross platform a requirement? Lots of great games are out for Linux/Mac/Windows these days. And I’d be more than happy to throw up a server to host what ever game it may be.

I think PC makes sense and it should be cross-platform as we have lots of Windows/Mac/Linux listeners. I think some kind of fun FPS could be awesome. If there is a game that has competative multi-player, that would be cool.

You guys OK trying to figure something out?


What about a Z-list celebrity joust? Dead simple, get your picture taken with the person who only just, by the the smallest of margins, qualifies as a celebrity, as judged by the panel.

For instance:

Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz or Oprah Winfrey are instant losers as being far too A list. You need to think much more ‘nebulous’.

That woman off the 1980s Shake & Vac advert or Barry Bethel of Slim Fast fame are much stronger contenders. Basically the sort of person you would forget existed, if you were not reminded for their 15 seconds to tenuous fame.

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