Christmas Songs

I’m staying with some friends in Cardiff, south Wales, at the moment and getting into the Christmas spirit

In my case its Whisky, joking I like a drink but Christmas spirit is not what you drink

I appreciate not everyone here is a musician but if you are are what will you be playing if not what do you wish you wish you could be playing and what do you most want to be listening to?

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Crazy Kwanza and what ever works for you at this time of year

I should add my starting position

I have already performed So here it is merry Christmas by Slade and will be playing the Greg Lake classic I Believe In Father Christmas as my friends children go to bed on Christmas Eve but I really want to hear the Christy Moore version of "Fairly Tale of New York” on Christmas morning.

The Hanukkah tunage will be hitting in full force on Saturday in the Lunduke home, as we get ready for night #1. A random sampling of classical tunes (Maoz Tzur and the like) mixed in with a bunch of Hanukkah songs from TMBG, Barenaked Ladies, Matisyahu, and other delightful contemporary, nerdy Jews. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your Christmas-ing, dude!

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