Check Out this Awesome Keyboard I got From WASD Keyboards (Future Review Maybe?)

I just got a keyboard from WASD Keyboards, and I love it. It’s my first mechanical keyboard, and it just feels so good. WASD Keyboards also allows you to customize your keyboard in several ways (scroll down for the customization options) and I just love the simple design. The design I chose is very basic compared to what you can do.

You can see my build on imgur by clicking the link below (embedding the image results in a low resolution image that isn’t really big enough to fully respect this keyboard):

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Hot diggity, some of those keyboard are damned sexy. I love a good, old-school keyboard.

What switches did you get?

I’ve had a mech with browns for a while and I love typing on it.

I went with browns also. I didn’t want to wake up everyone in the neighbourhood, but I still wanted that tactile bump. The keyboard still makes enough noise to be quite satisfying.

If you’re good in Inkscape, you can even upload a template and do practically anything.

I was having fun playing with the customizer, different colours for WASD, tux on the meta key… then I realised I could have the keys completely custom printed and I let out a big sigh.

No way is my wife gonna let me spend 150 bucks plus shipping on a keyboard… :frowning:

These things are pretty pricey, especially if you want to order extra custom keys, but this thing is built really solid (3 pound solid). The switches are also supposed to last for 50 million presses, keys are easy to replace, and you could probably even replace the switches, but I haven’t looked too far into that.

I’m gonna be the douchey asshole here (but hey, why change the habits of a lifetime? :slight_smile: )

These kinds of keyboards do absolutely nothing for me. To me, they’re the keyboard equivalent of building your own crazy LED-lit, water-cooled custom PC.

Hands down, my favourite two keyboards of all time, in order, are:

  1. Current-gen Apple Wired Extended Keyboard (and, by proxy, the current MacBook Pro keyboard)
  2. Sun Type 5 Keyboard

Both these keyboards are low on travel, especially the Apple ones, ergonomically fantastic, let me touch-type with ease (I’m like a 75wpm typist, maybe 85-90 when I’m drunk), they look amazing, and they are epic.

I enjoyed my time on an IBM Model M back in college, but the clackity clack got me into trouble during lectures in the lab when I was trying to hack and listen to the lecturer at the same time. In pre-Apple-unibody times, I used a Dell SK-8115. Great layout, bit long on travel (which I didn’t mind so much at the time), and low sound. Now, I much prefer the way lighter sound and response of the Apple and Type 5 keyboards. I accidentally spilled Irn Bru over my Apple Extended keyboard, and half of the keys just Stopped Working, so for the rest of the day until I could nip out and buy a replacement (£40!), I plugged in the trusty old SK-8115. It was awful. Way too tall to type on successfully.

Now, I’m all about: Slim. Low. Little or no travel. Awesome.

You ricers can keep your custom crazy shenanigan monsters :slight_smile:

because that would be nuts. I’m with your wife, here. And @neuro. :slight_smile:

Now I feel like I have to consider a new keyboard again. This gets me thinking about alternative layouts again too.

I’ve wanted to try out Dvorak for a while, but I haven’t ever really got around to it. The nice thing about this keyboard is that if you are feeling experimental, you can rearange the keys and flip a switch on the bottom, and BAM! you have a dvorak/colemak/others keyboard.

I’d compare it to people who buy super-fast super-stylish cars: They will probably never actually need that much power, but they like cars (and they probably want to show off).

For me, the awesome feel of the Cherry MX Brown keyswitches and the solid design of the keyboard make my computing experience much more enjoyable (and I get to show off).

If someone were to sell me a Lamborghini Aventador for five grand I’d be all over it. Will I spend tons more money than the alternatives just because it’s cool? Nope.

People noting that my computer (which is fixed! and is coming home tomorrow!) is deliberately pointlessly pretty just because I like it that way will be snootily ignored. :slight_smile:

I get what you are saying, but let’s be honest, every single one of us gets a buzz from buying something that other people think is pointless.

Whether it is me buying a network-controlled BBQ temp controller, Aq buying a pretty case, or @MetaNova buying this keyboard…we are all as guilty as each other, just with different things. Oh, and all of our wives/husbands/partners agree. :slight_smile:


Oh man, yes, absolutely. Don’t think for one second I respect anyone less for buying random tech that gives them a geek boner. However, it is my Knuthian given right as a geek to bray loudly that my awesome thing is awesome and your awesome thing is mental. As it is yours :smile: I may not actually be right, but I can think I’m right, which is just as important. To me. And my bullshit crazy ego. ALWAYS RIGHT! (Usually)

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I also own a keyboard from WASD keyboards (black switches), and I would not trade it for anything. They are more than worth the price.

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