Cards Against Humanity

Good morning all,
I was tagged in a Facebook post this morning with an article from the Metro, a London based news outfit. The article showed details of a secret hidden card on the game Cards Against Humanity.

The article is here:

In a nutshell, there’s meant to be a secret card hidden inside the paper liner of the box.

I’ve checked my UK version of the game this morning and there is no paper liner within which to hide any cards. The photo within the article looks like it may be the US version of the game, and I wanted to ask if any of you in the community with the US version has either checked or confirmed that this is true?

I suspect that the article is simply uncorroborated bullshit by a lazy journalist.

Thanks guys

I’m in the US and there’s nothing hidden in my box for the original game. There is, however, a card hidden in the lid of the Bigger, Blacker Box, which may be what they’re referring to.

Thanks for the info. That could perhaps be what the journalist was talking about.

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