Bryan is Moving on to Pastures New

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share some news with you all, which you can also hear in the latest episode of the show (also embedded below).

Our friend and compadre, @bryanlunduke, has decided to move on to pastures new. Bryan has a whole host of interesting things coming up in 2017 (some of which he can’t quite share yet!) and sadly this meant that scheduling (on all sides) was going to be a difficult prospect. As such, Bryan decided to move on, and this show was his final one.

We wish our bespectaled co-host the very best for his future endeavors. Bryan has brought so much to Bad Voltage and we are going to miss him. We have no doubt though that he will do what he always does - continue to bring his unique brand of entertainment and perspectives to new audiences. We are really proud of him as a co-host, but more importantly, as a friend, and can’t wait to see him share his future plans with the world.

So, thanks, pal, for all the great times on the show, the debates, the laughs and more, and we wish you all the best for the future!

Bad Voltage Season 2

So, you may be wondering what this means for Bad Voltage moving forward?

Well, we ain’t going anywhere…sorry, you are stuck with us. We will continue, and the first show of 2017 will mark the first episode of Season 2. Yes, you read that right, Season 2.

You will continue to hear @jeremy, @sil, and myself exploring the deepest darkest depths of technology, open source, and more. While we don’t plan on recruiting a 4th host quite yet, we do plan on having some different guests on the show to help with the presenting duties and freshen up the format a little.

We also see Season 2 as an opportunity to take a fresh look at the show, how we can improve it, and make it even more entertaining and informative. We are still having these discussions, and hopefully you will see the fruit of them in January. As always, we would love your feedback - let us know what you would love to hear more of in the show!

So, it is the end of an era with Season 1, and the start of a new era in Season 2, and may everyone be prosperous in 2017!

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It was a pleasure to work with you @bryanlunduke and I look forward to watching the exciting things you have planned unfold. Best of luck and look forward to having you on a future episode of Bad Voltage.



@bryanlunduke you will be missed, I hope you will remain active here on the Bad Voltage forum even if you don’t feel you can afford the time to be a regular on the podcast any more. I would like to think you will be back on the show at some point even if it’s irregular and infrequent.

Wishing you the best in your future life and hope everything works out for you.

@jonobacon, @sil, and @jeremy does this mean Bad Voltage will now be a three man podcast or have you got someone lined up to join the team?

We are going to continue as the three of us for now, but have some guest presenters come on to help freshen up the format a little. In future we may then pick some for a permanent presenter.

Side note: Super impressed that all four of us managed to not spill the beans during the show. Being as we were talking about it right before we recorded I thought, for sure, one of us would let something slip. :slight_smile:

D’awwww. Going to miss doing the show with the three of you nutty dudes, too. It’s been a fun (and wild) 3 years.


I figure I’ll need to crash an episode at least once in the year ahead… right? :slight_smile:


I’m wondering how many of your fingernails I’m going to pull out for using the “going forward” variant “moving forward”, the usage of which should be some sort of war crime against language :slight_smile:

It’s been fun for us, chief! Keep popping in here if you can to keep us up to speed with your planned shenanigans!

@bryanlunduke One of the few people who can threaten echo chambers without being a troll. Cap doffed brother… cap doffed.

Ouch… This one stings. I did more or less see it coming with the regular scheduling difficulties and uptake of @bryanlunduke’s youtube activity this last six months.

I’ll miss the discussions between you and @sil, which often caused me to scream in anger at my car stereo. I don’t know anyone that can be so wrong and right at the same time.

I wish you the best and I will miss the animosity that you were bringing to this show. Good luck on your endeavors, I will be watching/listening.

We shall tactfully leave unstated which of us was wrong and which right :wink:


@bryanlunduke congratulation on the new gig! Will miss your own brand of bat shit crazy :joy:.

I’ll leave my CV with the receptionist.


To be honest. Taking @bryanlunduke out of any show is like taking Bryan Cranston out of a TV series… All you get is mediocrity (Better Call Saul).

Just joking of-course! :grinning: You guys will still do great! Maybe consider finding someone to “fill” the big gap that Bryan left? If you do find someone you disagree with most of the times, but still can’t stop listening to what they have to say -> Hire him!

I will be following Bryan’s new show for sure.

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“Going forward”, “moving forward”? I really "could care less." :slight_smile:


Congrats Bryan and do be sure to stop by periodically please as I will definitely miss the dynamic your presence brought to the show :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I feel the love. It feels all warm and snuggly. :slight_smile:

[Getting increasingly excited to talk about thing. The beginning of January is going to be fun.]


I only started listening recently but it’s clear to me that the show will be a whole lot less insane without you Bryan, and all the more worse off because of it. Luckily I still have lots of the back catalogue to catch up with. All the best!

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