BB gate and the nights of Ren

saw this.
thought it was pretty chillout babe talking about starwars.

Well, I’m convinced.

Really? “babe”? Not necessary; try to not do that.

How could I possibly make amends ? @sil

As long as you’re wearing the trousers I shall bow to your superior discernment :blush:


While I’m sure many of us here here appreciate the attractiveness of a pretty girl it should never be used as a measure of the relevance of a girl.

I know @sil has a daughter as do I and while I consider my daughter to be particularly beautiful I would not be happy with any potential boyfriend wanting to date her on looks alone.

Note: I appreciate I am looking at my daughter through “Daddy’s eyes”.

You have already recognised the error so provided you don’t repeat it you already have.

I had to give up watching half way through, as I realised “man, I am tired of these ‘straight to camera’ prediction or analysis videos about $MOVIEFRANCHISE”. I don’t even any more. I know opinions are like assholes (everybody has one) but we don’t need to hear ALL the opinions, do we? I don’t mean you posting this video, chill, but these people who think their sliver of an idea may actually be true, and they’ll be proved right, and they’ll be rewarded somehow (I don’t know how you reward millenials though, a YouTube subscriber multiplier or something?).

I love movies, but this is bordering on the obsessional.

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